Get Uncomfortable

I took a few weeks off working out to go on vacation, eat every chocolate thing I got within 10 feet of, drink any kind of wine that was introduced to me and generally indulge in lots of yummy things.  Back to reality and I have to start working out again.  Looking in the mirror, I am less than pleased to see the pooch of my stomach hanging over my shorts and my legs looking more like JELLO than chiseled iron.  “No problem” — I think to myself – I have a whole library of great programs right on my phone, weights in my garage , and an alarm clock.  I can do this.


With one eye open I make it to the garage and log in to my phone for the program that is going to return me to un-jiggly.  I begin and hope no one is watching from a window in my neighborhood.  Ok, no one is up this early, so I have nothing to worry about.  I grunt my way through this workout and try not to pay any attention to my “extra” hanging out everywhere.

A few days more of this jiggle mania and it occurs to me that I have committed myself to not one, but two obstacle course races in a few months – which require running.  I don’t run.  Well, if my kids are in trouble, I will run, but that’s it.  I used to be a marathoner and I swore I would never run again.  So I make a deal with myself – I will run for 15 minutes – and not one second more.  I do my workout, stretch a little and then down the drive way I go.

3 minutes in – I am wondering why I ever ran in the first place.  5 minutes in, I am at the park and thankful for grass to run on because my knees are killing me.  Well, I may have been over dramatic.  They didn’t really feel that bad.  But I said 15 minutes, so now I have to run around on soggy grass for 10 more minutes.

While I am trying to keep going for those 600 second, something occurs to me.

I am and have been training to be comfortable.  I have been training to be safe and comfortable and predictable.  Nothing new.  Nothing extraordinary.  Nothing but comfortable.

I decided then that doing these crazy obstacle races were a great way to take on my life.  Life is not neat and predictable.  Most of the time, life is soggy and uncomfortable.  It challenges us.  It make us wonder what the hell is going on.

But we can get through it, and still be shiny when we are finished.  In fact, the muddier we get sometimes, the shinier we are when we are all clean again.  I have been told that it is easy to shift from one state to another.  From one way of being to another.  From complacency to action.  It is just a shift.  Well, pardon me, but I have not felt like that shift was so easy sometimes.

BUT – this morning it was.  Like a snap of my fingers to move from one moment to another – I shifted.  I decided that all that soggy, uncomfortable feeling in my shoes was just a reminder that I could move though anything – with ease and grace and power. I could still do anything I set out to do no matter the distractions or obstacles.

The remaining 10 minutes of my run this morning included using the bushes as hurdles, weaving in and out of hills, running around trees and slogging through the water and mud – just because I could.  My 15 minutes was up before I knew it and the temptation to keep going was so strong, but I slowed it down and cooled out.  It was time to return to Mommyville where sleepy children required my presence.  But they were getting super empowered Mom this morning – not the complacent one.  Not the comfortable one.  They were getting the one that was willing to jump over any obstacle, run through any water and endure any uncomfortable situation in pursuit of really experiencing life, not just putting up with it.

What will the adventure be tomorrow?



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